[YICES-HELP] Request for your help about Yices

Bruno Dutertre bruno at csl.sri.com
Mon Sep 19 09:32:12 PDT 2011

³Â×æÏ£ wrote:
> Hello!
> I am very interested in Yices, but I do not sure whether the api of Yices support to convert an expression to string of C. furthermore, I would also like to know whether the Yices implement the interpolation of unsatisfiable formula, so I send the mail to your for help! Thanks!
> Cheers,
> zuxi chen 		 	   		  


The API is documented at http://yices.csl.sri.com/capi.shtml.

There's currently no support for converting an expression
to a string. But you can use "yices_pp_expr" to print to
stdout, if that can help you.

There's no support for interpolants in Yices,


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